Gingerbread Template

Download and print this template to make a sweet (literally!) and whimsical little house with our mascarpone gingerbread mix (only available at markets).

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sourdough starter in a jar

COMING SOON: Sourdough starter

Step-by-step instructions to get your first sourdough starter going

rye and linseed crackers

COMING SOON: Rye and linseed crackers

Delicious nutty crackers great on their own or with cheese and dips on a platter.

iced and uniced lebkuchen biscuits on cooling rack

Simple Sourdough Loaf

Our daily bread. Always deeply satisfying.

We live and farm on unceded tommeginne country in beautiful lutruwita / Tasmania. This always was and always will be Aboriginal land. We pay our deepest respects to the first people of this land and their elders past and present. The palawa/pakana are the first farmers and caretakers of lutruwita and their connection to this land remains strong.

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