Refunds / returns


Our products may be returned, after ordering, delivery or pick up, if they meet the following guidelines:



Products are returnable for full credit only when they are in the original package free of markings or damage.


Milled / rolled grains and products:

We mill all our flour and roll our grains to order for you, to ensure they are totally fresh. Because they can’t be resold, they are not returnable except when damaged or of questionable quality at time of delivery or pick up.



If you have any issues with anything you have bought from us, please contact us straight away. We reckon quality and freshness are pretty key to food worth eating, and would really appreciate any feedback you’d like to share. Plus, we want to make sure that you have the product that you have paid for.



If something does need to be returned, we’ll credit you for the full purchase amount (not including delivery/pick up costs) once we have received the product(s) back to us.

We live and farm on unceded tommeginne country in beautiful lutruwita / Tasmania. This always was and always will be Aboriginal land. We pay our deepest respects to the first people of this land and their elders past and present. The palawa/pakana are the first farmers and caretakers of lutruwita and their connection to this land remains strong.

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